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Mix Glass Beads CODE : BPM-03

Handcrafted with extreme dedication, these mix glass beads are ideal to teem up with formal & casual attires.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: WB-03

Indian Mix Beads CODE : BPM-06

Extraordinary delicacy and fabulous beauty of flowers form the inspiration of these glorious Indian mix beads.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: GB-01

Fancy Mix Beads CODE : BPM-01

These pretty black and white beads are wonderfully crafted to trace a beguiling grace and appreciate Indian craftsmanship.

Decorative Mix Beads CODE : BPM-04

Glass made decorative mix beads in two tones display the ingenuity and artistic sense of designers.

Mixed Acrylic Beads Code : BPM-05

Curved shaped mixed acrylic beads of feasting colors are painstakingly pierced to be strung or attached in necklace and garments.

Handmade Mixed Beads CODE : BPM-07

Heart shaped designs and gratifying colors constitute the alluring beauty of these handmade mixed beads.

Mixed Flower Beads Code : BPM-08

Mirroring the exclusive appeal of floras, these mixed flower beads are perfect to add the products a touch of organic beauty

Glass Mix Beads

Really captivating these glass mix beads incorporate elaborate designs and illuminate the look of a variety of items.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BPM-02
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