Fancy Glass Beads

Glass Frosted Beads

Featuring frosted transparent colors, these glass frosted beads scatter a fragile beauty on the surface of numerous produc
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  • Item Code: GB-04

Frosted Glass Beads

To manifold the appeal of several garments, bags, curtains, stoles etc, these frosted glass beads are preferred by universal fashion designers.
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  • Item Code: GB-03

Decorative Colored Beads

Decorative colored beads having luster finish and pestle colors are created putting in sincere efforts by our diligent workers.
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  • Item Code: GB-05

Transparent Colored Beads

Transparent colored beads with rainbow finish are developed in round and star shapes to increase the grandeur.
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  • Item Code: GB-06

Plain Glass Beads

Meticulously crafted these plain glass beads are highly attractive and appealing. They show the artistic acumen of our design.
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  • Item Code: PLB-02

Oval Plain Beads

Oval plain beads, available in many subtle colors are worth buying to augment the splendor and appeal of jewelry and glamorize the persona of wearers.
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  • Item Code: PLB-01

Plain Loose Beads

This enticing variety of plain loose beads can really relieve you from all kinds of monotony. Why don't you make your life colorful?
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  • Item Code: PLB-03

Colored Rainbow Beads

These multi-colored rainbow beads are small in size yet impart an impressive appeal to a lot of handicrafts.
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  • Item Code: LRB-02

Rectangular Glass Beads

Enhancing the features of sophisticated patterns, these rectangular glass beads are the superb synthesis of carving & painting skill.
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  • Item Code: SFB-02

Handmade Glass Beads

Incomparably patterned masterpieces, handmade glass beads can be bought in conglomeration of different matching colors.

Designer Glass Beads CODE : FB-03

Available in any color of your choice, these pretty designer glass beads can serve variety of purposes. Just go and buy them.

Fancy Beads

This variety of fancy glass beads is exquisitely designed. It is available in various sizes & shapes.

Glass Fancy Beads CODE : FB-02

These glass fancy beads can be a dream of anyone who does not possess them. Only the user can tell you its real worth.

Lamp Work Glass Bead CODE : FB-05

These hand painted glass beads are the paradigm of aesthetic workmanship. They can spellbind the onlookers at once.

Hand Made Glass Beads CODE : FB-06

These handcrafted glass beads are unique in appearance. If you really want to earn the attention of others, you can try this variety.

Fancy Glass Beads CODE : FB-01

CODE : FB-01
This variety of fancy glass beads is exquisitely designed. It is available in various sizes & shapes.

Decorative Glass Beads CODE : FB-04

This variety of decorative glass beads can really make your life different. They are intricately designed in different sizes and shades.

Indian Glass Beads CODE : FB-07

CODE : FB-07
The Indian Glass Beads are available in innovative designs and reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of our workers. These beads symbolize the exuberance and beauty of Indian artistry

Handcrafted Glass Beads Code: FB-08

The Handcrafted Glass Beads presented by us portray appealing designs and colors. These beads are incomparable in quality and beauty.
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